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    Miracle Mountain Mama

                     Sista' Joy

For many years, Sista' Joy has been an inspiration, spiritual guide and healer to countless numbers of people around the world. Whether she is speaking, joking, telling a story, singing or teaching spiritual truths, one thing about her stands out above all else...

She is a deeply spiritual woman with a kind and loving heart.

In the Divine Service of the Light, Sista' Joy's greatest work has been the giving of her love, kindness and spiritual understanding to help others awaken to their own Divinity and true mission upon the earth.

Following the path of a Mystic, the Sista's spiritual knowledge and practices are eclectic in nature. She draws her spiritual strength and wisdom from what some have deemed to be "New Age," or "New Thought" teachings as well as traditional Christianity. Also, she has been an Independent Student of the I AM and the Great Ascended Masters since l985. Above all else, she says,


"My faith is in God, I believe in the the power of  prayer   and I believe  in Miracles! " "I have witnessed their effect many times in my life..." 

Currently, Sista' Joy has started a new You Tube Show called, Mystic  Mountain Mama. Each week, the show will share   stories of Divine Intervention. Stories that many people call "Miracles."   Also, there will be Spiritual Teachings.    The    mission of the show is to strengthen the listeners faith in God and faith in themselves.    Additionally, the show will be aired as a podcast on Buzzsprout, Apple, and most of the major podcast platforms. Tune in on Monday afternoon to hear the show.

Are you are seeking ideas to manifest your good? We highly recommend the reading of "How to Manifest Your Good," by Sista' Joy. You will find simple techniques that she has employed through the years to manifest her good. You can do the same! The book can be found on Amazon.

Do you want to deepen your relationship with the subtle realms and increase your connection to your intuition? Having studied ancient wisdom traditions and divination practices, Sista' Joy offers her Soul Readings to provide clear guidance on what your soul is calling you toward. These Divine readings are also useful in finding the source of blocks and obstacles in matters relating to Work/Wealth, Relationships, Personal and Spiritual Growth and Health and Well-Being.  For your Special Soul Reading, sign  up here on  her website and you will be contacted shortly. 

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